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✛ Cognission Engine

» A machine-learning algorithm that dynamically monitors user behavior and perfectly levels the delivery of new information

» Delivers in-game learning that maximises understanding and long-term memory retention

» Induces a state of flow, making learning intrinsically motivating

✛ Rewards Center

» Configurable rewards-based recognition and rules-based feedback

» Ties gamification elements to a unifying quest system

» Motivates positive real-world actions by giving players a sense of progress towards achievable goals

» Incentivizes repeat app usage

✛ Engaging Games

» Choose from our existing library of games or have us create something unique

» Made with Unity, the world’s top ranked game platform, Cogniss games are compatible with a wide range of platforms

» Full support for 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games


✛ Behavior Engine

» Customises rules for behavioural incentives, activity triggers, challenges and competitions.

✛ Survey Engine

» Collects broad range of user information quickly and easily.

✛ Assessment Engine

» Designs user assessments around any number of parameters


✛ In-game Economies

» An entire repertoire of coins, experience points, virtual goods, badging and vouchers

» Users can unlock content, buy coins and sign up for paid subscriptions

» Full Apple Appstore and Google Play integration

✛ One User Identity

» One login and identity, complete with micro-credentials (ePortfolios)

» Customisable avatars, badges, achievements, friends and teams follow players across all Cogniss-powered products

» Easy user profile management

✛ Cogniss Insights

» Simple dashboards and actionable data so players, educators, institutions or product owners can track learning progress 

» Designated personnel can provide feedback and direction to users, create and assign tasks

» Detailed data export for understanding user interactions at various aggregate and granular levels

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Cogniss disc 1.png
Cogniss disc 1.png

✛ Social Learning

» Full integration with popular social networks 

» Tap into communities for collaborative learning 

» Users can add friends, join teams, issue challenges, share achievements and milestones, and communicate with their broader network, driving sign-ups

✛ Cross-sell Network

» Opt-in automatic cross-sell network

» Promotes your app in the Cogniss app ecosystem to the right people at the right time

» Expands your potential user base

✛ Kid-Safe Mode

» Designed with younger players in mind

» Removes the risk of stranger danger and cyber-bullying

» Allows certain users to only connect with others known to them in the real world, and restricts communications