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Neurologically effective.png

Neurologically effective

Cognission Engine, the intelligent heart of Cogniss, delivers in-game learning that maximizes understanding and long-term memory retention.


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Getting in the zone

Cogniss apps and games induce a state of flow, making the learning experience intrinsically motivating.

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Resilient, life-long learning

Configurable-rule based feedback and scoring builds perseverance and intellectual bravery.

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One User Identity complete with Micro-Credentials (ePortfolios)

One login and identity that works across all Cogniss-enabled products means customisable avatars, badges, achievements, friends and teams follow players across products.

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Viral audience growth

Full integration with popular social networks makes learning more rewarding. Players are encouraged to issue challenges to their broader network, driving sign-ups.

kid safe mode.jpg

Kid Safe mode

Kid Safe mode for younger players removes the risk of stranger danger and cyber-bullying.

ingame economies.jpg

In-game economies & in-app purchases

An entire repertoire of coins, experience points, virtual goods, badging and vouchers. Users can unlock content, buy coins and sign up for paid subscriptions. Full Apple Appstore and Google Play integration.

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Targeted promotion of your product

Cogniss' opt-in cross-sell network automatically targets and promotes your app to the right users.

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Useful, accessible data

Simple dashboards offer appropriate and actionable data for players, educators, institutions and parents, as well as for you, the product owner.


Off-the-shelf or custom games

Use any or all of our suite of off-the-shelf games, or have us create custom games.

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2D, 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality all supported

Cogniss is made with Unity, the world’s top ranked game platform offering full support for 2D, 3D, AR and VR games.