Cogniss Unity Game Dev Challenge

Put your Unity skills to the test. Harness the full power of Cogniss to create a game that inspires, entertains and educates.


Shortlist announced

Congratulations to the makers of Tortgua Racing and the Basketball Game, who have been shortlisted as frontrunners for the inaugural Cogniss Unity Game Dev Challenge! 

Basketball Game

Tortuga Racing

Screenshot_20170805-231218 (1).png

Creator: Jonas Švagždys

Game Description: Answer the questions correctly in order to make your basketball shot.




Creator: Jasmine Greene, from Luminosity Mobile

Game Description: Test your wits in Tortuga Racing. Race against other turtles by answering the math questions accurately. The more questions you answer, the faster you go. Answer eight questions in a row to pull off a turbo move.


Honorable mentions

Our judges would also like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts behind the following entries:

Kitty Kount

Creators: Jacob Leaney and Jason Tsorlinis, from Swinburne University of Technology

Game Description: An arcade style counting game. Different kittens fall from the top of the screen, and the player taps the screen to count the specified kittens.

PEMDAS Protectors

Creator: Samuel Curtis, from Scorched Earth Studios

Game Description: An 80’s sci-fi inspired game that aims to teach and reinforce the rules of the order of operations.



About the challenge

This challenge is open to anyone interested in creating effective learning experiences through games. Entrants were able to enter individually or as a team.

They were challenged to create a Unity game for the Cogniss platform for a chance to win:

  • A cash prize of AUD4,000
  • Industry recognition
  • The opportunity to work with our team on a commercial game with real audiences

While there will only be one overall winner, we're also keen to pursue opportunities with makers of games that show exceptional creativity.


What we're looking for

We're looking for original, data-driven, arcade-style games that are fun, creative and most importantly provide a great user experience. 

These are the things that will catch our attention:

  • Quality of gameplay: The extent to which the game is detailed, visually appealing and provides intuitive, immersive user experiences through the use of special effects, audio and graphics.

  • Fit for purpose: The extent to which the game is educationally effective.

  • Creativity and originality: The extent to which the game pushes new boundaries, or features imaginative new ways of presenting content.

  • Technical performance: The extent to which the game is optimised for fast, fluid gameplay, and takes full advantage of Cogniss platform features.
  • The fun factor: Core game mechanics should be fun and engaging for all ages. Games that effectively take the player into a 'flow' state, or game mechanics that include novel problem solving elements may score highly.


Key dates

Submission deadline: 2 July 2017 Extended to 7 August 2017

Shortlist announced: 28 August 2017


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