Cogniss Brain Age

Cogniss Brain Age

Developed in partnership with SFI Research

SFI Research (SFI-R) approached us to develop a suite of games packaged in a cohesive mobile app that would target older consumers and assist in conducting research into how interventions for Mild Cognitive Impairment can be improved.

The app would be used in conjunction with SFI-R nutraceutical products. Its purpose was to drive repurchases and provide data-based insights into user behavior and baseline efficacy over time.


SFI-R identified three domains of cognitive processing that are dependable measurements for cognitive impairment: Spatial Working Memory, Rapid Visual Processing and Paired Associates Learning.

We developed a suite of brain-training style games on the Cogniss platform that touched on all three of these measures. These games served to both strengthen the specified cognitive skills, as well as collect the data necessary to measure the efficacy of SFI-R’s nutraceutical products. As the user progresses through the app, a range of data points are collected and fed into Cogniss’ rewards-based recognition system, personalizing and incentivizing the user’s own journey towards a healthier brain.


Finally, a secure Cogniss Administrative function to export anonymized data – including user details, session times, game scores, snapshots of overall progress and more – was made available to help further SFI-R’s research objectives.


Powered by Cogniss, the app was able to seamlessly combine five new game mechanics focused on the three domains of cognitive processing. The flexibility of the platform allowed SFI-R to package SFI Brain Health in a way that reflected the core branding and style of its products. Importantly, the app also allows SFI-R to collect critical user behavior data in an entertaining, non-invasive manner.

The app is also fully functional across multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian and Bahasa Indonesia) and devices.

Koala Academy

Koala Academy

Koala Academy is a product suite connecting students, parents and teachers in China through empowering game-based and social experiences that result in more effective learning. 


In China, the pressure to achieve academically is immense. Students start taking exams from 10 years of age that determine their educational path through to the Gaokao (the national university entrance exam).

To prepare their children, parents typically enrol them in private educational institutions from the age of 4 to ensure they are ahead of the game by the time exams roll around. At the same time, parents of younger children - who are generally more progressive in their views on education that previous generations - often express concern that their children lack opportunities for play and creative development. However, the pressure of the system gives them little opportunity to address these concerns.


Koala Academy addresses these conflicting concerns by providing children with fun, play-based experiences that give them a strong sense of autonomy. At the same time, Koala Academy guides them through a science-based learning journey designed to lead to academic success in the strict Chinese educational system.



Cognission Engine, the intelligent heart of Cogniss, dynamically monitors what information the player has absorbed and perfectly levels the delivery of new information. This creates a sense of flow for them. By adapting to the child's current level of proficiency and progressing at the rate best suited to that individual, Koala Academy encourages learners to persevere and master the subject regardless of their innate ability. An elaborate system of badges, rewards and customizable avatars helps to further foster a love for learning. 


Koala Academy tracks, reports and analyzes student performance and progression, allowing for insights to be generated at the individual, class, school, regional and national level.



Cogniss' inbuilt social functionality allows children, parents and teachers to connect and communicate with each other both within Koala Academy and via QQ and WeChat, two of the most popular social networks in China. 

STEM Explorer

STEM Explorer

Developed in partnership with apptEDUde

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STEM Explorer™ is an educational adventure game designed to minimize holiday learning loss. Players join our heroes on their adventure around Australia as they solve maths and science challenges in their hunt for the scattered parts of Stempy's spaceship.

It's the only single app to teach science, maths and related subjects for children aged 5 to 9 that is tied to the Australian curriculum.


While most games use a 'drill and kill' approach to deliver blocks of questions on a particular subject, Cogniss optimizes and delivers personalized content and feedback. Questions are mixed up using a technique called interleaving, a proven way to boost learning. In addition, more challenging questions are served based on the speed and accuracy of players' answers.

With 8 fun game mechanics and hours of gameplay tied into a single quest, STEM Explorer helps children stay engaged with learning for longer periods of time and ensures they're school-ready right from day one.



STEM Explorer uses Cogniss Insights, a powerful tool that allows parents and teachers to easily track and participate in their child or student's learning. Details on content to be covered, topics completed, answers attempted, quiz results, time taken and more are available at the click of a button. Insights provides an in-depth understanding of what the player excels at, and where they might need help.