Developed in partnership with SFI Research

SFI Research (SFI-R) approached us to develop a suite of games packaged in a cohesive mobile app that would target older consumers and assist in conducting research into how interventions for Mild Cognitive Impairment can be improved.

The app would be used in conjunction with SFI-R nutraceutical products. Its purpose was to drive repurchases and provide data-based insights into user behavior and baseline efficacy over time.


SFI-R identified three domains of cognitive processing that are dependable measurements for cognitive impairment: Spatial Working Memory, Rapid Visual Processing and Paired Associates Learning.

We developed a suite of brain-training style games on the Cogniss platform that touched on all three of these measures. These games served to both strengthen the specified cognitive skills, as well as collect the data necessary to measure the efficacy of SFI-R’s nutraceutical products. As the user progresses through the app, a range of data points are collected and fed into Cogniss’ rewards-based recognition system, personalizing and incentivizing the user’s own journey towards a healthier brain.


Finally, a secure Cogniss Administrative function to export anonymized data – including user details, session times, game scores, snapshots of overall progress and more – was made available to help further SFI-R’s research objectives.


Powered by Cogniss, the app was able to seamlessly combine five new game mechanics focused on the three domains of cognitive processing. The flexibility of the platform allowed SFI-R to package SFI Brain Health in a way that reflected the core branding and style of its products. Importantly, the app also allows SFI-R to collect critical user behavior data in an entertaining, non-invasive manner.

The app is also fully functional across multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian and Bahasa Indonesia) and devices.