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STEM Explorer™ is an educational adventure game designed to minimize holiday learning loss. Players join our heroes on their adventure around Australia as they solve maths and science challenges in their hunt for the scattered parts of Stempy's spaceship.

It's the only single app to teach science, maths and related subjects for children aged 5 to 9 that is tied to the Australian curriculum.


While most games use a 'drill and kill' approach to deliver blocks of questions on a particular subject, Cogniss optimizes and delivers personalized content and feedback. Questions are mixed up using a technique called interleaving, a proven way to boost learning. In addition, more challenging questions are served based on the speed and accuracy of players' answers.

With 8 fun game mechanics and hours of gameplay tied into a single quest, STEM Explorer helps children stay engaged with learning for longer periods of time and ensures they're school-ready right from day one.



STEM Explorer uses Cogniss Insights, a powerful tool that allows parents and teachers to easily track and participate in their child or student's learning. Details on content to be covered, topics completed, answers attempted, quiz results, time taken and more are available at the click of a button. Insights provides an in-depth understanding of what the player excels at, and where they might need help.