Why Cogniss?

Whether early childhood, K-12, college, corporate or lifelong education, Cogniss can help optimize learning for your audience.

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Cogniss games and apps apply carefully designed game mechanics that harness knowledge of how the brain learns. Unlock learning methods and feedback systems that actively engage students and develop resilience for mastering new content.

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Cognission Engine is machine-learning algorithm that ensures learning and revision happen at optimal times. The intelligent heart of Cogniss, it facilitates deeper understanding and adaptive learning pathways that allow learners to progress at their own pace.

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Cogniss Insights features simple dashboards and actionable insights for both educators and students. Tailor individual learning journeys and identify timely opportunities for other interventions, all while protecting student privacy.


The application of new discoveries in neuroscience and psychology have transformed educational experiences for the better.


Cogniss Showcase

One of the very first Cogniss apps, STEM Explorer™, is an educational adventure game designed to minimize holiday learning loss. In 2017, it won the SAE ATOM Award for Best Educational App or Ebook. 


Can we help?

We're passionate about helping educators from different backgrounds and subject matters present their content in the most impactful way possible - without breaking the bank.