Don’t Just Play the Game, Make the Game: Taking Apps to the Next Level

Recently, we were given the chance to share our vision of life-improving, AI-powered apps with  Authority Magazine. Check out the interview with our CEO, Leon Young, on how AI is changing the way we live our lives, and where Cogniss fits into it all.

authority magazine feature.jpeg

Excerpt: "Convergences of AI with new fields of knowledge and technologies will drive revolutionary shifts in how we perceive and deliver education and health interventions.

First is the convergence of AI with cognitive science. Algorithms anchored in research around how the brain processes, stores, and recalls information is making it possible for software to map individual learners’ cognitive data. It can also determine what we should be learning, and when, in order to optimize long-term knowledge or behavioral retention.

Secondly, the convergence of AI with innovative low/no-code development platforms is removing the barriers to more widespread creation and adoption of effective educational apps. Educational apps are typically bespoke solutions for a target learning behavior, and app development is a cost-intensive process, especially if the app has to compete with high quality, professional studio-made games. Now, through AI-powered low- or no-code platforms like Cogniss, anyone with minimal or even no coding knowledge can build complex educational software using a simple graphical user interface at a fraction of the cost typically required to employ custom developers.

Finally, the convergence of AI with big data analytics is powering a new generation of platforms and applications capable of processing billion of data points to help detect, track, predict and manage a dizzying variety of learning and health issues. We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of the valuable insights that deep learning can extract from large, unstructured datasets."

Read the full interview here.