After a decade of building successful, but complex and expensive game-based solutions, we thought: 'There must be a better way'.

We're the team behind 2and2, an award-winning educational games company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation helping major educational institutions, corporates, government agencies and not-for-profits create groundbreaking digital solutions for sustained learning and behavior change.

Increasingly, we found ourselves applying proven psychological and neuroscientific techniques to engage and motivate audiences. We discovered that creating effective learning experiences goes hand in hand with a deep understanding of how the mind works:

  • We learned that while extrinsic motivation (doing something for a reward or to avoid punishment) and intrinsic motivation (doing something for its own sake) both have their place, being able to harness the latter is infinitely more powerful.
  • We enjoyed success from the 'gamification revolution', but also grew increasingly frustrated by the proliferation of overly simple badge and leaderboard solutions that lack any strong psychological basis, and in many instances do long-term harm.
  • We witnessed the rise of growth mindset (the belief that talents aren't 'fixed' but can be developed under the right conditions) and experienced first-hand the potential for intelligent feedback mechanisms to produce lifelong learners.
  • We also saw the rise of social networks, and with that the recognition of the power of social learning.

It's been a long road.

But we took what we learned and designed a platform for engaging, motivating and educating audiences of all kinds. As we continue to learn, our platform evolves.

We built a platform that goes beyond content delivery; one that focuses on engaging the mind and strengthening the innate desire for self-improvement. Following a three-year, in-depth research and development process, it's a platform already being embraced by educational and behavior tech pioneers across industries and sectors.

We created Cogniss.