Why Cogniss?

Cogniss helps health, medical, and pharmaceutical companies take full advantage of digital technology to improve and market their products, simplify treatment plans, and transform patient care.



Apps built on Cogniss are powered by a full suite of AI capabilities that empower agents to deliver flexible, personalized clinical solutions. Connect patients, practitioners and partners via a single unified platform to achieve more meaningful engagement and superior patient experiences.


Cogniss applies proven behavioural techniques to help patients identify and overcome barriers to better health. Benefit from a nuanced system of goal-setting, rewards and community support that sustains improvements in health behaviors.


Turn valuable health data into actionable insights in order to discover, develop and deliver new and improved treatments. Easily track interactions and trends to pinpoint opportunities for delivering more value to patients and healthcare providers.

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The life sciences industry is capitalizing on new technologies to improve efficiency, health outcomes, and the experience of healthcare for patients and their clinicians.


App Ideas

Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence

Boost adherence by helping patients stay motivated and informed.


Addiction Management

Support all types of recovery journeys, from alcoholism to gambling addiction.

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Patient Support

Foster healthy connections between patients, practitioners and wider support communities.


Clinical & Marketing Research

Gain critical behavioral insights throughout the product life cycle. Learn more about our research solutions.


Cogniss Showcase

The GI Tracker & Clinical Registry app is designed to gauge the impact of medicinal supplements, and enable clinicians to set targets, track progress and seamlessly communicate with patients suffering gastrointestinal symptoms.


Can we help?

We help organizations in the life sciences develop solutions that more effectively address the complex needs of healthcare consumers and providers.