Why Cogniss?

Cogniss helps accelerate the achievement of organizational goals, whether that's improving employee productivity, educating customers or shifting an entire workplace culture.



Make the most of your training and development dollars. Cogniss games and apps provide immersive learning experiences to help employees internalize why a particular change is needed. Choose the activity types that best deliver your message.



Cogniss' Behavior Engine combines neuropsychological techniques with a powerful rewards system to incentivize positive behavior changes in a meaningful way. Personalize rewards to reflect your company's brand.


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It's hard to know where you're going unless you know where you are. Cogniss Insights offers insightful dashboards and feedback tools that help track performance for both individuals and your organization as a whole.


Organizational change only happens when enough individuals change their thinking and behavior.


Cogniss Showcase

We partnered with Veolia to develop an app that motivates employees, particularly those who are time-constrained and/or experience cultural or language barriers, to engage in sustainable waste management practices. 


Can we help?

We help businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes use smart tech and data insights to grow their people's knowledge, skills and interests.